Magnum PI Mansion for sale!

If you are willing to shell out the asking price of $15,750,000 you can own a piece of iconic pop culture in the form of “Robin’s Nest”. You might remember this iconic location known as The Anderson House, or by the nickname Pahonu, was used as the backdrop for the 80’s hit show Magnum PI.


TMZ is reporting that the estate is up on the block and looking for a new owner, you could live your own version of our favourite PI’s life – theme song included! (not actually but TMZ has it after the link).

There is a wealth of information over at Magnum Mania about the estate and the show, including details on the estate, filming locations and tips on finding the ancient turtle pond behind the house.

Not familiar with the house, then take a look at this photo gallery of the Anderson House estate here.

Livin’ Aloha

AlohaAs I sit here dreaming about Hawaii, it’s a daytime high of -18C (with the wind chill)  outside of my house in Canada and it’s a balmy 24C Lahaina, HI. The heaviness of winter has set in and I am getting by with warm thoughts of rolling waves and golden beaches.

Throughout the year I find Aloha in my everyday life. This not only brings me closer to my love of all things Hawaiian but adds an appreciation to life as well.  I love all things beach, surfing, island, ocean and sea life related. This article posted by the Huffington Post could not have been a more accurate depiction of me! Especially the part about finding sand everywhere that I never clean up. I have even found shells in my cosmetics bag after getting home from a trip!

A way that I brought some Aloha into my life this week was scoring tickets for the only Canadian tour date for Jack Johnson this summer. Now I can look forward to a little bit of Hawaii in my own backyard.

I also came across this segment on Monumental Mysteries profiling surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku last night. It makes my next visit to Hawaii not seem so far off in the distance when I can capture these feelings through these moments.

These are the ways I live Aloha in my own life. So I hope you’ll stay with me as I share my Aloha with the world.

* Photo Source: Pinterest

A young keiki, age 9, on her first trip to Hawaii!

keikiMy first trip to Hawaii was when I was only nine years old and in Grade 4. I remember the feeling I had that Christmas as I unwrapped a travel suitcase for my Cabbage Patch Kid, Erica, to take along on the trip. Our vacation was to begin on January 9, 1985 and the excitement was mounting by the holiday season.

I chose this picture as my first to display my young age and eagerness. Taken in our hotel room at The Beachcomber in Waikiki, the year it was renovated, this is how I most remember myself at the time. The grass shirt and bikini top came straight from my adored Hilo Hatties, of course. Sadly, my Mom had sunstroke for most of our stay in Oahu that year but was much better by the time we had flown on to Hawaii and Maui.

My first memories of Paradise (Hawaiian style) are full of Tiny Bubbles (the song, not the bubbly, I was 9, remember!), working the mic on the way to our Luau at Paradise Cove, trying not to get a mouthful of fish in the waves of Kaanapali, “mooing” at the cows at Parker Ranch on the Big Island and squealing with delight every time a red Ferrari drove by in hopes it was Magnum!

Aloha has lived inside of me since that trip and although I have been back to visit I never feel so complete as when I am there.

E Komo Mai!

Aloha and e komo mai!

I have started this blog as an outlet for my love of the Hawaiian Islands. Being that I live in Canada and spend entirely too much time thinking and talking about Hawaii, I thought this might be a good place to write my memories and thoughts down.

The name “A Hui Hou Hawaii” means “Until We Meet Again, Hawaii” in the Hawaiian language. I always look forward to my return to the Hawaiian Islands.

My first trip was back in January 1985 when I was nine years old and this would be the vacation that would beckon me back for 20 years. More on that to come.

I was then fortunate enough to visit Hawaii for a second time on my honeymoon in the fall of 2005. My last hawaiian adventure was just last year, February 2008.

Hopefully, I will not have to wait too long before I am smelling the sweet, pungent aroma of plumerias again. Until then, I will continue to live aloha in my own little ways.

Mahalo for visiting my blog and much aloha to you all!