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  • Magnum PI Mansion for sale!

    Magnum PI Mansion for sale!

    If you are willing to shell out the asking price of $15,750,000 you can own a piece of iconic pop culture in the form of “Robin’s Nest”. You might remember this iconic location known as The Anderson House, or by the nickname Pahonu, was used as the backdrop for the 80’s hit show Magnum PI. TMZ is […]

  • Livin’ Aloha

    Livin’ Aloha

    As I sit here dreaming about Hawaii, it’s a daytime high of -18C (with the wind chill)  outside of my house in Canada and it’s a balmy 24C Lahaina, HI. The heaviness of winter has set in and I am getting by with warm thoughts of rolling waves and golden beaches. Throughout the year I […]